diabetes education and support
Our Diabetes Education Team includes nurses who are professional Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. We offer individuals with diabetes, their families, friends or caregivers an opportunity to learn about Diabetes and its management.

Services focus on client-centred care which includes comprehensive assessment, individual consultation, group programs and ongoing support.

All of our services are part of a comprehensive integrated Allied Health Team which can also refer you to other services and group activities to help improve health, wellbeing and social connection.

Service Description

Diabetes Education Group Programs are run over an eight-week period. Topics covered include:

  • What is Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  • Medication
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Management of high and low blood glucose levels
  • The importance of exercise
  • Psychological impact
  • Foot care and prevention of injury
  • Dental health
  • Good health for the future and self-management
  • Good nutrition and dietary management


This service is available to everyone, however priority access is given to Health Care and Pension Card Holders.


Fees range between $10 (for Health Care and Pension Card holders) and $90 depending on your financial circumstances.

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